Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What would you do with These? Wednesday! The Bird Edition....

What is more fun than supplies that I mean that have to do with birdies?  
What could you do with these 5 supplies to make them soar?




  1. Thank you so much!! I love those flatback buttons :)

  2. I have an original 60's kitchen and wear aprons daily. Those little owls would make an adorable retro apron.

    I'd make a charm bracelet loaded with the cute little hummingbirds.

    I can't decide on the wooden buttons. Either thread them with round elastic and make a ponytail holder or use them as actual buttons on a vintage cable knit cardigan I have.

    I'd turn the black and white buttons into loads of push pins and magnets. Attaching things to my bulletin board and file cabinet would be more fun.

    I've already used my bird mold many times. I have cast them in polymer and added them to a picture frame. Cast in resin, attached a pin back and added it to my Audubon hat.