Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What would you do with These? Wednesday! Heavy Metal Edition

I was listening to some Metallica last night and it gave me a great idea for this weeks 
What Would You Do With These! Heavy Metal Supplies! 
Who doesn't like metal? What would you do with these metallic supplies?

You can use them one at a time or all together for your
What Would You Do scenario! :) 
Let's hear some ideas!


  1. Love metals. I love the art nouveau stamps. would make a bracelet by linking them. i would love to have stakes instead of dapping, but stakes for shaping metal cost arms, legs and some more body parts to boot.

  2. I would create a 'heavy metal' angel !
    I would use the to die for dapping set to shape metal half balls soldered together to create the head and hands. Then shape some metal sheet for the body and skirt, apply the wings, then apply the stampings to the metal skirt for a brocaded effect. Then create a diorama by placing the angel next to the metal tree. Decorate the tree with small Christmas balls. Very kitsch !
    Keep the skulls for another project...

  3. Or maybe change the concept and bring it to the dark side by hanging the skulls on the tree instead of Christmas decorations. Then call it "The Angel of Death" !