Monday, April 25, 2011

An Interview with... ThreadThisFabric!

When did you start selling?

Thread This Fabric launched in September 2010. It started out as a dream between two friends. Brittany has an Etsy shop and we would drool over all the pretty fabrics she used. As a joke we said, “Oh, we should open our own fabric shop and stop giving all our money to Joann's!” Then, when we actually started thinking about it we decided, "Why not?" We researched how to become a fabric retailer then opened our first account with Riley Blake and started listing! The rest is history!

 What's your life outside of Etsy like?

We are two stay-at-home moms. I, Amanda, have 2 kids, Fallon(2) and Ethan(1 mo). I used to be a pharmacy technician but decided to stay home when I got pregnant with my son. Brittany has 2 kids also, Kendra(4) and Lucas(2). Brittany is a seamstress and runs another Etsy shop, HandmadeByBritt, which sells crayon rolls, aprons, backpacks, lunch bags, and purses. She sews beautiful things for both of our children and ALL of our friends!
What are your plans for your shop for 2011?

We are planning to add some new accounts. We are currently working towards Michael Miller. We also want to expand our appliqué section and add new designs and fabric choices. Also, Brittany is working on some PDF patterns for us to sell. We are excited about the new products we will soon have to offer our customers!

Do you sell in other venues outside of Etsy?

No, not at this time. Our big dream is to one day open a store in an actual building!

Favorite season? Favorite beverage? Favorite dessert?

Brittany: Fall, Coke, Cheesecake
Amanda: Winter, Dr. Pepper, Brownies

What’s your superhero power?

 We like to think that our superhero power is the ability to zap color and design into everyday living with our beautiful fabrics that can bring life into clothes, throw pillows, curtains, and whatever else our customers can dream up!

What's your top suggestion to new Etsy shops starting out?

The number one thing that has helped us is advertising. We advertise on craft/sewing blogs. You should match the content of the blog so that you are sure to target your customers.

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