Etsy Glossary / Dictionary

      Ever wonder.... What does "destash" mean? What about "Alchemy", "marking", "sock puppet"? The world of Etsy is full of jargon... here's a list of definitions for the most common terms.       

  ·       Alchemy: Etsy feature for placing custom item requests out for bid. Potential sellers respond to listings placed by potential buyers. This feature has been taken offline as of February 2011. A return date has not been announced.

·         Convo/Conversation: Internal message system of Etsy.

·         Destash: Refers to the selling of surplus supplies. Usually the seller is not a regular supply seller.

·         Heart/Hearting: Adding people to your “Favorites” list. You can “heart” a shop or a specific item.

·         Marking: In the forums, to place your “mark” on a forum thread by writing on it (although not necessarily contributing to the discussion). This facilitates going back to the discussion at a later date. As of the 2011 Etsy Forums redesign, an actual “Mark” button has been included. Threads you “Mark” show up under “Your Threads” > “Marked Threads”

·         NPB: Non-paying buyer. A buyer who commits to a sale but doesn’t pay. Etsy’s new checkout system prevents NPB’s by requiring payment before an item is marked as “sold” in your shop.

·         Secret Admirer: Etsy seller who has ‘hearted’ an item/shop, but chooses to remain anonymous.

·         Sock Puppet: Alternate account created by someone used for commenting on the forums, or making fraudulent transactions.

·         Team: Groups created within Etsy, centered around a theme.

·         Treasury: A curated set of Etsy items, created by users. Some treasuries are chosen by Etsy Admins and featured on the Front Page