Monday, March 14, 2011

Interview with... allthepreciousthings

How did allthepreciousthings come to be?

A few years ago I discovered the addictive pursuit of “Op Shopping”. Cruising Sydney’s Op Shops (“charity stores”, as they’re known overseas?) became my favourite way to spend time – sorting through them to find beautiful and quirky vintage gems. I hoarded a whole lot of depression glassware, buttons, linens, patterns, aprons and books, and eventually had to start buying glass display cabinets to house them all. My husband coined the phrase “all the precious things” when referring to my ever growing collections.
I realised that I had far more than I could ever use, at about the same time that I discovered Etsy (as a buyer) – so I decided to open a shop.
 What do you do when you aren't selling supplies?

My part-time (paid) career is as a sonographer in a large diagnostic Breast Clinic – this means I do Ultrasound (sonograms), generally looking for breast cancer.
My full-time (unpaid) career is as a wife and Mum, to my 18 year old son, Mitchell, and my 16 year old daughter, Courtney, who has severe Autism and Epilepsy. When Courtney finishes school at the end of next year, it’s going to be harder for me to go out to work in the city, so my online work will probably have to take over as my main source of income.

What do you like most about selling supplies?

I love having the patterns, buttons and fabrics in my care for a while, so I can admire and enjoy them before passing them on. The graphics on the old sewing patterns are so beautiful – usually hand-drawn and coloured.
Selling vintage means I never know what I’ll discover next.
 What are your goals for your Supply Business for 2011?

I have a pile of really old (1930s and 40s) knitting, sewing and crochet patterns that I want to restore and digitalise. When I have them organised, I’ll be opening my third Etsy store,
And I’d like to start my own website and blog!
 Are you an artist and do you work with the supplies that you sell? What is it that you make with them and do you have any tips for using your supplies?

I’m a lifelong artist. It’s just that the medium I work with keeps changing! I went to Art college for 2 years, and learned everything from drawing, to painting and printmaking. At other times I’ve dabbled in lead-lighting, quilting, photography and ceramics. Mum taught me to sew as a young girl, and that’s been an ongoing, evolving pursuit. I’ve only recently discovered vintage patterns, buttons, fabrics and trim; and it’s changed everything about the way I sew. Rather than buying modern patterns, I prefer vintage styles and always have an eye out for patterns to add to my own collection.
I love vintage fabrics, and have an enormous stash which threatens to take over the house!
My collection of vintage knitting needles, buttons and fabrics is my supply stash for my second Etsy shop, ,where I sell my upcycled knitting needle bracelets and handmade bags and accessories.

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